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Reduce Your Insulin Dependency

Not only do oats have a low-ranking GI score, when eaten in place of other carbohydrate-rich breakfasts, they help to reduce glucose and insulin responses, diminishing the need for insulin injections.

Unfortunately, the pickpockets at the helm of big pharma are not likely to reveal how foods like oats, camomile strawberries, bitter gourd, turmeric, ginseng, cinnamon and aloe vera can help you gain more control over your diabetes.

That’s because keeping their hands in your pocket is more important than protecting your well-being.

As a consequence of such greed, the corporate grifters go out of their way to keep independent studies that can reduce your dependency on their drugs out of your hands. Included in that list of studies is the truth about a lab mistake that stunned scientists when they discovered that their ‘accident’ effectively lowers blood sugar.

Watch this video to learn how this amazing scientific mishap can help you take control of your blood sugar… And don’t forget to eat your oats for breakfast.

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