Become A Leaner, Healthier Version Of Yourself

The creator of the Fat Burning System, Dr. Alan Inglis has developed countless weight loss strategies that don’t involve eating like a bird. Dr. Inglis’ ideas include turning off the television and heading outside for a walk instead.

He also believes in limiting the time during which you eat to an 8-10 hour daily window. By adhering to the GOLDEN HOURS plan, studies have concluded that the 14-16 hours of overnight fasting can increase your chances of losing weight by improving digestion.

Dr. Inglis has a number of easy to follow tips to help get you get fit and trim. Such tips include drinking carbonated mineral or soda water with a meal. The bubbly water will have the effect of making you feel full faster, decreasing the likelihood of overeating.

Click here to discover more of Dr. Inglis’ smart weight loss ideas.

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