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Trick to Treat Diabetes Style

Children are bewitched by candy. And when it comes to Halloween, the little demons, zombies, and warlocks can be downright scary when it comes to indulging in their sugary treats.

With that in mind here is a free chart that breaks down the spooky nutritional facts of common Halloween treats, including: calories, fats and carbs.


Snickers, fun size
80 calories 4g fat 10.5 g carbs

Snickers, mini.
43 calories 1.6g fat 4.53g carbs

Musketeers, fun size
63 calories 2g fat 11 g carbs

3 Musketeers, mini.
24calories 0.7g fat 5g carbs

Skittles fun size mini.
6o calories 0.5g fat 14g carbs

Butterfinger, fun size
100 calories 4g fat 15g carbs

Butterfinger, mini.
45 calories 2g fat 7.25g carbs

Candy Corn, 1 oz.
100calories 0g fat 25.6g carbs

Milky Way, fun size
80 calories 3g fat 12g carbs

Milky Way, mini.
38/calories 1.6g fat 6g carbs

Almond Joy, snack size
80 calories 4.5g fat 10g carbs

Almond Joy, mini.
67 calories 3.6g fat 8g carbs

Hershey’s Kiss, 3 pieces
67 calories 4g fat 8.3g carbs

Kit Kat, snack size
70 calories 3.6g fat 9g carbs

Kit Kat, mini
18 calories 2g fat 5.6g carbs

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin
170 calories 10g fat 18g carbs

Twix, fun size
80 calories 4g fat 10g carbs

Twix, mini.
50 calories 2.6g fat 6.6 carbs

Peanut M&M’s, fun size
90 calories 5g fat 10.5g carbs

M&M’s, fun size
73 calories 3.3g fat 10.6g carbs

York Peppermint Patty
140 calories 2.5g fat 31g carbs

York Peppermint Patty, mini.
50 calories 1g fat 11 g carbs

Tootsie Roll
23 calories 0g fat 4.6g carbs

Charms Blow Pops
60 calories 0g fat 17g carbs

Jolly Rancher
23 calories 0g fat 5.6g carbs

Smarties roll
25 calories 0g fat 6g carbs

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