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Sex, Sex, and More Sex

The elderly are continuing to have sex well into their retirement years. It may not be a popular conversation amongst the children and grandchildren of retirees, but it is a subject that needs to be talked about.

Although Americans will enjoy the most sex of their lives around the age of 25, it does not mean thatmen and women stop having sex as they grow older. According to a recent study, people in their 20s have sex more than 80 times a year. But by 65 the average number of times a person has intercourse is still about 20 times, annually.

Survey after survey confirms that the elderly embrace physical intimacy as means towards greater life-satisfaction.

Unfortunately, a warning has been issued by the medical establishment regarding a particular type of sexual behaviour that can result in the transmission of cancer to their partners. It is especially worrisome for sexually active men and women of retirement age.

If you are a senior citizen who is sexually active… don’t ignore the cancer risk that sex can trigger!

Watch the Video Here and learn how to maximise both the joy and safety associated with love-making.

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