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Secret Sex Fact You Need To Know

So you feel proud of yourself for taking good care of your health. And why shouldn’t you? Not only do you exercise, but you don’t smoke cigarettes, you stick to a healthy diet, limit how much sugar and alcohol you consume, and you even protect your skin from excessive exposure to the sun.

So, you’d think that you’d be reducing your risk of developing cancer…

Well, I hope this doesn’t dampen your passion for sex, but you can now add making love to the list of potential cancer-causing triggers. That’s right, sex can cause pre-cancerous changes in cells that may mutate into cancer.

It’s shocking news, but the medical community is urging people to take heed of a particular type of sexual behaviour that can result in a diagnosis of cancer. This alert is especially concerning for sexually active men and women of retirement age.

If you are a sexually active senior citizen, you need to watch this video, or pass it on to someone who would benefit from the information.

Watch this video and learn how to maximise both the joy and safety associated with physical intimacy.

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