Hello 2011


Just a tiny dab of Cyabags will evict your crow’s feet from your face and send the dark puffy circles around your eyes into exile!

Cecilia Wong, skincare guru of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, has created an unrivalled age-reversing cream called Cyabags. It is a FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH in a jar that once applied to your skin will convince your mirror to reflect a 2009 version of yourself back at you.

Cyabags has received the certified good manufacturing practice (cGMP) approval. The amazing age-reversing ointment features the skin-invigorating Dipeptide 2 molecule and a host of other skin-replenishing nutrients that are guaranteed to make you appear years younger, instantaneously.

Watch this video to unlock your access to Cyabags… and reacquaint with a younger looking version of yourself.

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