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When you are overweight, dropping a few pounds is a boon. Not only will you feel more attractive, it can also lower your risk of diabetes, improve your blood pressure, decrease your risk of both cancer and heart disease, and enable you to become more physically active.

But if you are anything like me traditional diets simply don’t work. That’s why Dr. Alan Inglis’ Fat Burning System is such a revelation. It is filled with easy and effective weight loss techniques that really work.

One of Dr. Inglis’ key strategies is reducing the window during which you can eat to 8-10 hours a day. By adhering to the GOLDEN HOURS PLAN, researchers have determined that the 14-16 hours of overnight fasting increase your likelihood of losing weight by kicking your metabolism into a higher gear.

Click here to discover more of Dr. Inglis’ smart weight loss techniques and stop eating like a bird.

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