Free Your Thinner Self

Forget cutting carbs or calories…

Dr. Alan Inglis, the creator of the Fat Burning System, insists that investing in intelligent weight loss strategies is the smartest and easiest way to reach a healthy weight. That’s why he doesn’t advocate a restrictive diet. Rather, he believes that limiting the time when we eat to an 8-10 hour, daily window is a better weight loss ideology.

By limiting food consumption to these GOLDEN HOURS, numerous studies have concluded that 14 hours of overnight fasting can increase your chances of losing weight by improving digestion.

Dr. Inglis has a number of easy to follow tips to help you get fit and trim. Smart tips like taking a fiber supplement, called glucomannan.

Glucomannan absorbs water and is slow to digest. It makes you feel full longer… helping you to avoid overeating.

Click here to discover more of Dr. Inglis’ smart weight loss tips.

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