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Eyes Zinc and Flowers

It can make you feel inept. You receive a text message on your phone. But because you have misplaced your reading glasses you are unable to decipher the words on the screen until you discover the whereabouts of your lenses.

Increasingly, vision loss is taking on a 21st century twist that requires a 21st century solution. The blue radiation emitted from our phones and computers stabs into our eyes, unleashing the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). These toxins undermine the effectiveness of our eyes, making them less flexible and responsive.

But did you know that eating two oysters a day can provide your retinas with enough daily zinc to keep them in healthier working condition?

Although eating two oysters a day may not be the most appetising daily addition to your diet, a renowned eye specialist has combined the eye-healing nutrients contained in a common orange flower, and fortified it with zinc to protect eyes from blue radiation and the accompanying assault of ROS.

Watch this video to unlock your access to the Vision 20 treatment and start healing your eyes today.

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